ANNO 1911 - Cozy framework holiday flat

You are looking for a flat as homebase for your vacation or for any business-trip what takes longer than just few days? Staying in a tiny hotel room would not be your favorite? Or you might visit family and/or friends in Schaumburg by joining any private event close by and you are preferring sufficient space & privacy close by?

Old cottages & sustainable lifestyle is what you are looking for as well as country style instead of city hectic. Enjoying the option having nice foot walks, hiking and biking trails close through?

Then you are right at our place!

We a linked to the historic cities of Bückeburg, Stadthagen, Rinteln. The open field yard is just about 300m from our main entrance and the Bückeberg – a hilly area with dozens of trails for hiking and Mountain biking is just about half an hour foot walk away. Bike trails along the Weser valley are linked to the bike trails passing through our house coming from Minden, Bückeburg, Rinteln and Stadthagen. You’ll also find country lifestyle, art and culture in the villages & cities around our place – and also Minden and Hannover with lots of points of interest are quickly reachable by train or car within a relatively short timeframe.

Feel welcome at our framework flat ANNO 1911

Schaumburger Mütze

That means ‚Schaumburger Cap‘. So that’s the nickname for the old round bent gable of the historic houses of the region named ‚Schaumburg‘.

The holiday flat is located in the upper level of our charming framework house. It is situated in district Sülbeck – a historic village what is part of the community Nienstädt.

Our flat hast about 80m² containing the following rooms:

  1. Floor
  2. Bedrrom 1
  3. Bedroom 2
  4. Living Room with desktop
  5. Bathroom
  6. Toilette
  7. Kitchen
Within our renovations we have cared about using sustainable and ecological materials like wood for the floors or clay for the walls gained or recycled within the region. Since we bought the house in 1996 we have invested hundreds of hours to keep our house in shape for the next 100 years. That’s why we are lucky if our visitors would be lucky to cherish their stay on our ‚old country cottage‘
Sout side of the framework flat. Bdhind the 4 windows on the 1st floor the holiday flat is located
Cozy Bedroom 1: old oak pillars and briccks - wooden oak floor - clay plastered walls

Bedroom 1

The sleeping room 1 includes a „french bed‘ with the size 1,40m x 2,00m – an antic beside table, a big mirror and a chest of drawers.

This 8m² big room has door access to the living room and is situated to the south side with the bypassing village street.

The wall separating the Kitchen from the room has a historic framework style with historic oak pillars and bricks. All other walls are plastered with clay and the floor has a solid wood oak parquet surface. That’s why the room would be relatively cool also during summertime.

Bedroom 2

The sleeping room 2 includes a ‚double bed‘ build out of 2 single beds fixed together with the size 1,80m x 2,00m. Both beads can also be separated on demand. The two beside tables are hosing beside lamps and a chest of drawers is completing the room.

You can enter the the 8m² big room from the floor on the north side of the house where it is naturally not as warm in summertime compared with the south side.

The wall separating the Kitchen from the room has a historic framework style with historic oak pillars and bricks. The other walls are plastered with clay and the floor has a solid oak wood floor. That’s why the room would also be relatively cool also during summertime

Cozy Badroom 2: old oak pillars, massive wooden oak flor and clay plastered walls and ceiling

Living room with....

The living room is located on the south/west edge of our house. With 24m² it is the biggest room of the flat, containing the couch area as well as a desktop

Massive oak wood pillars, the oak wood parquet, the clay plastered walls and the muntin windows are creating a cozy atmosphere to relax at any time.

The Dolby Surround (TM) system is serving with his 4 speakers in all edges of the room and the subwoofer good sound for streaming, TV or just listening your favourite music.


...desktop work space

Looking out of the windows from the desktop you’ll just look on our tiny calm village street and our tiny scattered fruit meadow in front of our house. Depending on the season you might watch the butterflies, birds, squirrels or the cats of our neighbours picking, hunting, looking around our natural meadow in spring or early summertime.

The high quality (Wilkhahn FS) desktop chair would also let longer office hours get comfortable. The desktop has about 1,55m length and 75cm depth. An additional monitor could be served on demand. The bandwidth access is about 180MBits fast and allows streaming, remote working and all other normal internet related activities.

So if you just would prefer working during summertime parttime on the country side enjoying fresh air instead of sweating in the city dust you would find here a perfect escape for ‚holiday work‘.

Office part of the livig room - desktop with professional chair to ease up office work
Bathroom - with shower, bathtub and lots of space

Bath room

You like having sufficient space by staying in the bath room? Then you are right here. The bath is located to the west side. Its window allows getting fresh air from outside into the room – beside the electronical ventilation.

The bath room is stuffed with:

  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Washingmachine
  • Compact HiFi rack
situated at about 10m² sufficient space for singing, dancing, showering or having a bath.
Also the bath room contains a high power hair dryer that allows also drying long hair in sufficient time due to we often got the crazy experience of calm breeze hair dryer’s on our journeys around the world.


The modern kitchen was fully renovated and newly stuffed in Oct. ’23. Wooden oak floor, Dishwasher, Induction cooker, Oven, Fridge with huge * fresh box and two separated **** long term boxes let no need for your upcomming meal open.

The cozy siting area let you enjoy your morning coffee with garden view through the lattice windows – while the morning sun might shine throug.

We offer a basis setup with some spices eg. salt & pepper, wheat, suggar, coffee, tea and washing utilitys – so you would not have to transport such basics by your self.
Kitchen with high table & chairs in front of old oak pillars
Ambilight on the floor will switch on at night automatically


The floor was renovated with lots of personal passion some years ago – and it is now an eye catcher by entering the flat.

A special ambilight is aligning an old oak pillar – switched on automatically if it is getting dark and allows you finding your way along the floor also during night time without getting a ‚light shock‘.

The massive oak floor and the renovated walls are serving a cozy feeling with lots of charm aligning our motto ‚ANNO 1911‘


On top of the bathroom the flat is serving an additional toilet.

Getting visitors what shall not use the bathroom?

Finding a short cut at night time?

Enjoying more than one Toilet if coming with more than one person?

Avoiding competitions by coming from outside and deciding who can use the toilet 1st?

That would not be an issue due to the flat has 2 single toilets for your services with all advantages related to that topic.

Lovely tiles within the toilet
Parking in front of the house - about 1960

Arrival & parking

We are located beside the national road B65 in a distance of about 500m. Due to the hilly area and the distance we do not hear any relevant impacts of that bypassing national road. But nearby cities like Stadthagen, Bückeburg, Rinteln, Minden and Hannover are well connected and could be reached within a sufficient time frame.

Parking space close through the house would not be an issue – also for a huger van or caravans – usually there is sufficient space closely to the house. Regional bike routs passing through nearby with access to the Weser valley, Bückeburg, Minden and Stadthagen.

Linked train stations are Bückeburg or Stadthagen (about 15 min by taxi) with local train connections to Hannover & Minden as hubs for national speed trains.

Our bike shed will have space for your bikes and also battery recharging your e-bike if necessary. You’ll need a bike: pls ask us – maybe we could help out but don’t expect that we are a professional bike rental pls.!

Enjoying nature & fresh air?

Then you’ll find sufficient of those resources just in our neighbourhood.

If you are sitting on our favourite place – the bank below the old Walnut tree just in front of our house while keeping in touch with the ‚village natives tribes‘ sometimes passing through – or just making a quick hike within the field yard starting just 300m after leaving the houses door. Or if you are planning a longer hike or bike ride on the hill trails within the forest reached in about 5 min by car or 20-30 min by foot walk. Everything is possible and you might find also other ways to discover the region and its treasures

Our local 18-hole golf court is just 5 minutes away by car and easy reachable with his pleasant views on the valley below with his villages and tiny cities.

Sunflower field in the neighbourhood

Additional information

The flat is a ‚STRICTLY NON SMOKING AREA‘. That also will be mentioned in our rental contract explicitly!

We serve bed fresh sheets and towels on a weekly basis and for longer stays a weekly clean up would be part of the service if demanded.

If you have issues with ALLERGIES the organic materials and wooden floors will support you – but due to the nature around the house we could not give you any guarantee for a healthy stay at least depending to the typical seasonal issues.

Finally, all LOVERS OF OLD FRAMEWORK HOUSES are warm welcome for any chat by having a common coffee about how to provide historic buildings for the future.

The GARDEN could be used by agreement – but the ‚favourite place‘ in front of the house next to the entrance could be used every time you would like to sit outside the house under our walnut tree.

We are looking forward to gete your request and to see you on site!