Bicycle tours arround or framework holiday flat

The region offers lots of possibilities to be endevored by bicycle.

it is quite equal if you are riding an E-Bike, if you are young or old – if you are using a racing bike or a mountain bike. Just ask us about commen tracks to go.

Bike parking & maintenance

We offer to store bicycles in our bike shed what is locked. For e-bikes we could offer plugs to recharge the batteries.

Also, our bicycle tiere inflator could be used.

If you need any tool for maintenance services – pls let us know. Within the carport we do have a hangar assembly where you might hang your bike for any maintenance reason.


Need a bike?

If you don’t have a bike pls ask us. We are not a profiessional bike rental service – but might help you out  depending on your needs.

Short bike ride around the corner


One way: 7km

Depending on your fitness, age, type of bike and the weather conditions Stadthagen is reachable within 15 to 30 minutes. It’s just a 7km bike tour to reach Stadthagen downtown market place. There you’ll find lots of restaurants and coffees and shops for spending your time and money.

A famer marked is held three days during the week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – always from 8:00am until 1pm)

The event location ‘Old Police station’ offers frequent events – just check the website of ‘Alte Polizei Stadthagen’.

The “Tenth barn” (Zehntscheune) and the old city portal gate house ‘Amtspforte’ do have changing exhibitions.

The train station is offering good connections to Hannover, Berlin, etc.

A short track (our favourite) is just tagged within the map.

Sülbecker Stasse, Schwarzer Weg, Industriestraße – behind the forest use the country lane along the forest. until joining Stockfeldstraße, Arriving at Jahnstrasse turn left until the creek  – there just cross the stree and follow the tiny gravelled way around the school building. to Sopienstrasse. Then it is just a short jump to enter down town via Seilerstrasse.


Single way: 12km

  • Graveled road / Farm roads (about 2km)
  • Village ways

Bückeburg is like Stadthagen good reachable by bike from Nienstädt.

The farmers market held on Fridays is offering lots of tasty food from the region. Also, the Bückeburg Chateau is wort a visit. Bückeburg is known as best place in Schaumburg if you are looking for a restaurant or bar. In addition you’ll find some nice tiny shops around the centre.

The helicopter museum is stuffed with a simulator and with lots of original helicopters. Achum – the village you’ll pass through before Bückeburg – is hosting an international trainng centre for military helicopter teams and mechanics.

Around Steinhuder Meer

Loop way about. 32km

  • Gravel road
  • Village ways

The Steinhuder Meer loop way is a classic way in the Region. The duration for the tour is dependent from your condition, the weather and how crowdy the thour might be related to the week day and season.

Best starting point is the sports park Hagenburg – where you’ll find sufficient parking space. The bike way is probbably labeled and is starting at the opposite of the caravan parking space – in direction of Winzlar, Mardorf, Großenheidorn and Steinhude, Mardorf and Steinhude. In Mardorf and Steinhude you’ll find lots of restaurants, bars and kiosks. Within the ‘Meerbruch’ (between Winzlar and Mardorf) and the Moor (between Mardorf and Großenheidorn) you’ll find nice picknick places in the nature.

A nice side trip would be in Steinhude – going to the bath island (Badeinsel). There you’ll find a kiosk where you get cool drinks & French fries and more to enjoy sunset on the yeti.

Schaumburg villages & forest tour

Condition: middle / good
Equipment: Tourenbike or Mountinebike

  • Village streets
  • Farm Roads
  • Tiny grassy paths

Nienstädt is already a bit hilly. Anno1911 is on an altitude of about 100m above sea level. The northern part of Schaumburg is mostly flat and on an altitude of about 60-70m above the sea level.

So, travelling by bike in the northern district is mostly easy – depending on your fitness the weather conditions. It is comfortable to cruise through the forest, the fields and the villages mostly. The villages would have their own charm and some places will invite you for a nice stopover – some ideas are marked in the map at the rights hand side.

The start of the tour is going to the Midland Chanel and then following the Chanel directly or in the adjected Schaumburger Wald (Schaumburg Forest) until you reach Nienbrügge but by passing through Niedernwöhren, Mittelbrink and Pollhagen Church. The way back is going throug the villages of Hülshagen and Lauenhagen and along the limits of Stadthagen – sometimes within the villages – sometimes through die fields – until you reach the village of Enzen what is close to your starting point at Anno1911.